Newkirk Main Street Board

Board Meetings

Newkirk Main Street Board Meetings are held the third Monday of the month at 116 N. Main at 5:00 pm. All meetings are open to the public.

Board Members

Pres: Sue Roy 2021

VP: Jason Shanks   2020

Sec: Maggi Hutchason 2021

Holly Cline  2022

Dawn Brakey 2022

Richard Hinthorn   2022

Brian Hobbs   City Commission

Brady Barnes  2020

Jane Thomas  2020

Janell Leaming  2021

Treasurer: Lisa Kubik

2020 Agendas

Agendas will typically be posted the week preceding the meeting. 

Other Important Documents

Newkirk Main Street W-9 (pdf)


2017 Newkirk Main Street 990 (pdf)


2018 Newkirk Main Street 990 (pdf)